i feel surprised that my heart can easily changing. when i attracted to someone (especially guy) i will totally into it for sometime, but when i feel that “well, its more than enough  for adoring him now” and get bored, i decide to stop.

i look back and  ask myself, why  i crazy on him at that time? is he so that charm? what is his charm? and then i just laughing to myself for my sillyness, crazyness, and stupidity acts at that time.

after i moved on,i feel like who is he and what i did at my adoring period was nothing.

is my love feeling for a guy extracly so funny like this, or i just a type of weirdo girl who can keep my feeling for any longer?

all i know, i dont like to act fake and pretending that the feeling is still there. i know, he will hurt when i say this, all i can do just “i am sorry” and i feel sorry for that.

i think to be honest is the best way to end it than i lie to him and myself bout my own feeling.

so sorry for being bad girl. :,(

all you should know, theres no regret for loving you and loved by you. All beautiful memories that we had, i will treasure it forever

- my own LEDA Confenssion

watching some episode of korean drama Heirs make me think bout you. thanks for your beautiful feeling :,) but im not as good as you think to accept that. you deserve for the better one… 

-ur Usagi-

"hurted by someone or people whom you love so much will make you feel painful 9398789856478X than your ordinary one and make you cry 9876565432345432X a day than your ordinary cry when you watch the most dramatic Korean drama. trust me, im feeling it rite now!"
- ijuzzgirl